When is it going on mochi or kong, any other website?
I have already submitted the game to kongregate, It needs to be approved by an kong-admin since it used kreds. I’m still waiting for that. After it goes live on kongregate I wait a little so see how much traffic I get, I don’t want to launch on too many sites simultaneous since that might overload the game server.

Why won't it let me log in, even-though I've registered?
If you are using MochiGames account it’s likely that their service is experiencing techical problems, they have been a bit unstable lately. It’s out of my control. Try again in a few minutes.

These Tanks are huge!! What is the actual site point on the tank?
The collision shape used for the weapons is a circle with a radius of 15 pixels. It's similar to that in UMAG1.

Will there be more things you can buy with coin level in the future?
Yes, I plan to add more things to the coin levels, Possibly an additional game mode. It might take a while though since I can’t afford to spend much time on UMAG2 in the near future.

In 4 player and 4 sim, is it supposed to be tank1 vs tank2, and tank3 vs tank4?
Whose you choose to attack is up to you, the players in the middle tend to be at an disadvantage though.

How do you jump?
You select the rocket jump weapon and then fire it as usual, try it out in the weapon test area.

How do I see how many kills are in my clan if its not on the leader-board?
I’ve added the number of kills your clan have in the Profile/clan screen.

Can I play on my smart phone?
Yes, it works on Android phones or tablets with the Android Flash player. It’s not offically supported and you might have some problems click the small buttons.

Can you restart your profile if you mess up?
No, not currently, I might add that feature later if a lot of people request it.

What’s the difference between the Kongregate version of UMAG2 and this?
None, other than that the Kong version uses their login+kreds while the version on this site uses mochi’s.

Is there any other way of increasing coin levels other than buying it?
Sorry no.
Sorry if I may seem greedy, but I've spent a lot of my savings onto making UMAG2, and I want to make that back.


Here you can edit your profile (tank, badge, clan) and join games.

You can report or mute a player by clicking their name in the chat log.
If you choose to report a user a message will be sent to me together with the chat log. I will then decide to ban or permanently mute that user.
By choosing mute, messages from this user will be filtered from the chat so you won’t see it in the future. You can un-mute people in the Options panel in the chat.

If you choose to join a clan the clan’s leader must approve you before you become a full member.
If you create a new clan you will instantly become the leader of it, if you then later leave that clan it will be leader-less, and the next person that tries to join it will become it’s leader.

Please don’t create any badges that could be considered offensive, you risk getting banned if you do.

Guests and registered players
If there are more than 25 users online guest and registered players will not join the same games. If there are less than 25 users online you may end up in games together with guests.

Clan matches
If you want to challenge another clan you can do so using the private game function, there you can choose to divide the teams based on the clan.

Coin Level
The coin level is something you increase using real money, when playing on umag2.com it will use MochiCoins, each level cost approximately 50 cents.
With the coin level you unlock extra parts for you tank, extra shapes or layers for you badge or new colors for you name. (You can see a list with the items if you press the “Information” button at the bottom of the screen and step to page 2.)
You can also sleep well knowing you supported the development of this game. ;)

If you are at a public computer it's wise to make sure that you logout completely when you leave.
Press the "show Mochi Widget" button in the mid top part of the lobby. Then press your name and click "Logout".



Most should be pretty self explanatory. There are a few tricks which may be less obvious.

Use the arrow keys to scroll the view.

Press enter to set focus to the chat input text-field, then type and press enter again to send to the other players in the same game.
Press space while not having the text-field selected to show any faded chat text.

The wind indicator just under the mini-map tells how much the wind will affect the projectiles.

Each tank has both a shield and armor, the armor start to take damage after the shield has been taken down to zero.

Use the "Weapon test" game mode to familiarise yourself with the weapons.

The Nuke does not explode on impact with a tank or the ground, it does the large explosion a short time after it reaches it’s highest point and start falling. It also does double damage against the shield.

The Force Shield (not to be confused with the normal shield) protects against all weapons except the nuke, the blast radius of the nuke is to wide that it can cut through the force shield.

In team games you can not directly hurt your team-mates but you can still hurt yourself.
You will win when the opponents team are all dead, and you will be counted as a winner even if you have died.
Note that while team games still contribute kills and XP to your stats, they will not give you any 2pl or 4pl wins or losses.

If a player disconnects while still being alive their tank will turn into a hen that will still count as a kill.

The dirt bomb will create a shock-wave that detonates any nearby projectiles while in flight. It then creates a ball of dirt after it’s been falling for a short time.


Development, Operations and stuff: Jan Rigerl

Graphics and Sound: Rik Nicol